What's a Moravian?

Moravian Star

A believer in the Lord Jesus Christ: who is the Holy Son of God who died on a cross and rose from the grave for the sins of the world. We are saved by His grace and given new life by the power of His Holy Spirit.

A member of the Oldest Protestant Church: The Moravian Church traces its roots back to 1415 and the martyrdom of John Hus. Our centuries old customs of Christmas Candlelight services and Easter Dawn worship have been widely imitated. The unique celebration of Holy Communion and simple observances of lovefeast are examples of our common dependence on Christ and our affection for one another. The Moravian Church professes the traditional creeds held in common with the major denominations. Its worship is semi-liturgical. We center our faith and life in Jesus Christ and place great importance on the equality of all believers before God.

A person who loves a practical faith: Moravians emphasize faith as daily living with Jesus - a faith that is alive is a faith that is worth living. The congregational life is marked by Christian love, as reflected in the denominational motto:

A friend who invites you to be part of the church family: If you are looking for a place to worship God, serve Christ and grow as a disciple, we invite you to join us. Accept God's invitation and accept ours. His invitation will give you eternal life. Ours will give you a place to grow in your walk with Him.